Are you eligible for private sponsorship to Canada?

Determining whether you qualify for refugee resettlement to Canada through the Private Refugee Sponsorship Program involves meeting criteria in the following 3 areas:

1. Having a Sponsoring Group

Without a Group of Five, a Sponsorship Agreement Holder organization or a Community Sponsor organization in Canada, you and your family will not be able to be privately sponsored to Canada.

The RSTP is not able to match you with a person or group of people in Canada for this purpose.

If you have friends or relatives in Canada who are interested in privately sponsoring you, please advise them to contact us. We can provide information and assistance to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who would like to get involved in the private sponsorship of refugees.

2. Being eligible

You meet the basic eligibility criteria if you*:

  • Live in a country other than your country of origin and Canada,
  • Meet the definition of either
    • Convention Refugee Abroad class, or
    • Country of Asylum class,
  • Are not able or willing to return to live in your country of origin (voluntary return),
  • Are not able to integrate where you live now (local integration),
  • Have no other durable solution, and
  • Have the ability to settle successfully in Canada.

If you are being sponsored by a Group of Five or Community Sponsor, you must also have:

  • Refugee status as recognized by the UNHCR or the state (country of asylum), and
  • Documentary proof of such status (e.g. UNHCR mandate letter).

Please note that the final decision is made by a Canadian Visa Officer by means of an interview with you and your family.

3. Being admissible

After a positive interview decision by the interviewing Visa Officer, the Canadian authorities will be conducting the following tests for you and each member of your family to determine whether you are admissible to Canada:

  • Medical screening
  • Security screening
  • Criminality screening

Reasons for inadmissibility include the individual posing a threat to national security, having a history of serious or organized crime, having committed violations of international or human rights, being a danger to public health, or engaging in misrepresentation.

Only when you pass all three admissibility checks, you will be able to be privately sponsored to Canada.

Still unsure whether you are eligible?
Contact us or read through our Eligibility Frequently-Asked-Questions