BVOR Sponsor Videos

Why sponsor BVOR refugees?

This series of short videos give quick insights into why BVOR sponsors help refugees, and shows the diversity of sponsor groups.

Why sponsor BVOR refugees? “To give them life.”

Why sponsorship is so important, according to Brockville, Ontario refugee sponsors and a BVOR newcomer.

Why sponsor BVOR refugees? “It’s just fun!”

“Why didn’t we do this before?” say BVOR sponsors Natasha Carew and Sean Ritchie.

Why sponsor BVOR refugees? “A fantastic experience.”

Kathleen Magladry, Toronto BVOR sponsor, can’t recommend sponsorship highly enough.

Why sponsor BVOR refugees? “Meaningful and powerful.”

Hamilton metal heads plan to sponsor BVOR refugees “as long as we’re able.”

I am a BVOR refugee sponsor because…

Southwestern Ontario BVOR sponsors on why they help refugees they have never met.

Good Hearts: Canada’s Muslims sponsor BVOR refugees

Canada’s Muslim community sponsors BVOR refugees, working with people with “good hearts” from all backgrounds.

How to form a BVOR sponsor group

Natasha Carew and Sean Ritchie encourage others to use major life events, like weddings, to find a sponsorship group.


Longer sponsor stories

These videos explore why and how a variety of groups across Canada have come together to sponsor BVOR refugees.

Open Doors: Metal bar sponsors BVOR refugees

Hamilton, Ontario metal bar staff, friends and family plan to sponsor BVOR refugees each year.

A new twist on refugee sponsorship

Natasha Carew and Sean Ritchie invited their wedding guests to sponsor a BVOR refugee family to Canada.

Open Hearts: Small towns welcome BVOR refugees

Southwestern Ontario communities offer support, networking and employment for BVOR refugees, and benefit from newcomers.

Under One Roof: Mosque unites BVOR sponsors

The Brantford Mosque provides support and training to Brantford and area BVOR sponsors.

Growing jobs for BVOR refugees

A greenhouse owner offers jobs to sponsored BVOR refugees, with happy results.