Rainbow Refugee Assistance Partnership (RRAP)

On June 1, 2019 the Government of Canada introduced the Rainbow Refugee Assistance  Partnership (RRAP) which will support more Canadians in privately sponsoring LGBTQ2 refugees who are fleeing violence and persecution on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

Building on the success of the Rainbow Refugee Assistance Pilot, through this partnership the Government of Canada will provide start-up costs and three months of income support directly to LGBTQ2 refugees. The monthly income support for the remaining nine months of the sponsorship is provided by the sponsoring group. Rainbow Refugee Society, in collaboration with Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH), is responsible for submitting all applications under this partnership. LGBTQ2 refugees sponsored through this partnership will remain outside of the SAH caps.

Through the establishment of a five year partnership, sponsors will be able to further develop their resettlement capacity while at the same time enhancing the partnerships that have developed between LGBTQ2 organizations and the larger Canadian sponsorship and settlement community.

The application forms for this refugee sponsorship initiative are the same as a regular private refugee sponsorship case. Canadian citizens and permanent residents who wish to participate in this project should contact the Rainbow Refugee Society to find out more.

To read the June 1, 2019 IRCC News Release announcing the new initiative, click here.