Form to Declare Funds and Assets on Arrival

This form is for sponsored refugees to declare financial assets to a sponsor group. It can determine how much income support the newcomers need. It is available in several languages in the sidebar to the right.

Newcomers who receive financial support should voluntarily provide information about their funds and assets on this declaration.  This could affect the level of financial support given by a sponsor group. However, financial support will not be withheld if the newcomers choose not to report.

The Personal Asset Exemption Limits chart outlines maximum personal assets. Newcomers may keep these without affecting the amount of financial support they receive from sponsors. Any remaining assets can be used to calculate the level of financial support for the newcomers.

A newcomer may declare that they have more than the Personal Asset Exemption Limits. If so, they can apply these funds to their Immigration Loan. This should be done before the sponsor group deducts any financial support.

The newcomer may still have more than the personal asset limit after paying their Immigration Loan. In that case, the sponsor group can calculate support on a case by case basis. The sponsor group should consider the newcomers’ self-sufficiency, and include only the portion of assets above the exemption limit in their calculations.