Sponsors’ Post-Arrival Responsibilities Virtual Workshop for G5 and CS


The Sponsors' Post-Arrival Responsibilities Workshop provides sponsors with information and training on their obligations and responsibilities to support their sponsored refugees. The workshop covers settlement topics such as housing, healthcare, education, employment, legal, financial, and social integration responsibilities. The workshop aims to help sponsors provide practical support to refugees and assist them in successfully integrating […]

Exploring Post-Arrival Responsibilities – Focus on Employment (English/Virtual)


Aimed at sponsors who have recently sponsored refugees to help them settle into their new homes. The webinar focuses on employment-related issues, which can be a significant challenge for refugees seeking to rebuild their lives in a new country. During the webinar, participants will learn about the various post-arrival responsibilities of sponsors towards the sponsored […]

Connecting with Settlement Agencies


Designed to provide sponsors with essential information about settlement agencies in their area. Participants will learn about the various settlement agencies available to privately sponsored refugees and the services they offer. The webinar will provide information on how to access these services and support for newcomers, including language training, employment services, housing support, and cultural […]

Sponsors’ Post-Arrival Responsibilities Workshop for Group of Fives & Community Sponsors

Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council | Welcome Place 521 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

This workshop is designed to educate sponsors on the responsibilities of sponsoring a newcomer refugee after their arrival. The workshop will focus on managing expectations and understanding the post-arrival responsibilities outlined in the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program. Sponsors will learn how to support and assist with essential tasks such as finding housing, enrolling […]