Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

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What is BVOR ?

IT’S BACK! The BVOR program has resumed. Canadians are now once again able to sponsor refugees that they have no prior connection with, to come to Canada through the BVOR program. BVOR Refugee Profiles are available to view on our profiles page here.

As of April 5th 2022, Canadian community members are once again able to sponsor refugees identified by the UN Refugee Agency to find a safe home in Canada.  All possible through the innovative Canadian program that has inspired many others around the globe, the Blended Visa Office-Referred (BVOR) program matches refugees in need with sponsors in Canada. This unique partnership between the Canadian community and the government of Canada’s Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship has the potential of bringing an additional 1000 refugees to safety in Canada annually.IRCC helps Canadian sponsor groups support refugees with some of the financial cost of sponsorship through the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP), while the sponsors provide the practical settlement support of things like finding housing and enrolling kids in school and remaining financial assistance. Sponsors also provide the newcomer with  important emotional connection(s) and social support throughout the 1 year sponsorship period.


The Refugee Sponsorship Training Program provides training and support to individuals in Canada who want to support refugees by becoming sponsors. Our services are free of charge and funded by IRCC. The BVOR program is ideal for community members who have no previous connection to sponsors, who would like to help. If you are a family member or friend of a refugee that you would like to sponsor, we recommend taking a look at other sponsorship pathways such as the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program.

Learn more about how to get started with a BVOR sponsorship:


The BVOR Matching

Log in to or Register for the BVOR Matching Database to view additional BVOR refugee profile details not visible on our RSTP website, and to request a BVOR refugee match.

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2022 BVOR Special Info Series

February 16 @ 3 PM EST – What’s New in BVOR
An overview of program changes, the new matching database, and new resources available to help sponsors prepare to welcome refugees.

March 16 @ 3 PM EST- International Women’s Day  
Focusing on Women leaders in refugee work

April 27 @ 3 PM EST- UNHCR Briefing on the Americas
Briefings from the field, providing insight from special guests doing work on the ground in the Americas. A moderated 20-minute Question & Answer period will follow the presentations. Attendees can submit their questions during the event, case specific questions will not be answered.

*Please note that this event is intended only for individuals who are active in the refugee, resettlement and settlement spaces, sponsors included. To request a registration link to this event, please email and include your name, contact info and the name of your organization or affiliation.

May 18 – Communication between Sponsors and Newcomers / Conflict Resolution
Offering guidance in navigating cultural and language barriers to ensure everyone understands each other. Featuring advice from expert mediator, Rola Mustafa. 

June 15 @ 7 PM EST- World Refugee Day Celebration
Celebrating the positive impact of refugees in Canadian communities with a very special guest panel discussion and entertainment. Stay tuned for details!

July 20 @ 3 PM EST – Pride / LGBTQI2+
Focusing on the resettlement needs of people who identify as LGBTQI2+

August 17 @ 3 PM EST – Reasons for Resettlement
An overview of the main reasons why people in asylum need to be resettled

September 21 @ 3 PM EST – Eastern Horn of Africa
A regional overview looking at the interconnected refugee crisis and ongoing conflicts

October 19 @ 3 PM EST – Ask me Anything
Ask an RSTP trainer any of your lingering questions! Open to questions about preparing and processing applications, settlement needs, welcoming newcomers and the settlement process and resources available.

November 16 @ 3 PM EST – Women at Risk
An in depth look at the challenges women in asylum face and why resettlement often is the only durable solution for them. 


Please note: This program is only for previously selected and referred refugees by the UN Refugee Agency and the Government of Canada. Other partners cannot refer people to the program. If you know a refugee overseas whom you wish to sponsor, please check out the other Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program opportunities available.

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