Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

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Minimum Financial Support Calculator

Please note that this tool provides an estimate of the minimum sponsorship costs based on limited information entered into the calculator.  Sponsors should budget based on the actual costs of living in the community of settlement, and allow for contingencies that address the specific needs of the family and supplementary benefits that are based on factors which are not included in this calculator.  Sponsors should always refer to the following documents for the most up to date and accurate information:

- RAP (Resettlement Assistance Program) Rates
- Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) Program FAQs Post-arrival Financial Support for PSRs

Please do a separate calculation for any dependant that is over the age of majority in the community of settlement at the time of arrival or if a child turns the age of majority during the sponsorship year.

Also, note that the sponsorship costs could be affected by other factors, including but not limited to:
- a baby is born during the sponsorship period
- a family member moves to a different residence or community of settlement.

Family Situation

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Please indicate if there is a family member with special dietary needs.
Refugees can request a special dietary allowance of $75/month (per family) if they provide a doctor (or nurse practitioner’s) note indicating that they have a medical condition requiring a specialized diet.
Total Monthly Income ($CAD):
This includes the total net income of all family members. However, it does not include Canada child benefit payments nor incomes of family members enrolled in full-time studies.