BVOR Application Forms

What application forms must I submit to sponsor BVOR refugees?

When you are sponsoring BVOR refugees, you only need to complete and submit forms related to your group (sponsoring group forms). Since BVOR refugees have already been approved and are travel ready, you do not need to complete the refugee forms (IMM 0008). Below are the list of forms to be completed and submitted by each sponsoring group.

For Sponsorship Agreement Holders

Kindly refer to the SAH Application Instruction Guide more information.

For Groups of Five

Use the Groups of Five Instruction Guide to prepare and submit your application.

For Community Sponsors

For more information refer to the Community Sponsors Instruction Guide.

How do I indicate on the application forms that I am sponsoring BVOR refugees?

Check a box on the top of the Undertaking/ Application forms and provide the profile number to indicate you are sponsoring a BVOR refugee. In addition, you can attach to your application a brief cover letter and the extended BVOR profile of the refugee.

Who can support me with BVOR applications?

RSTP trainers can support you through the process of sponsoring BVOR refugees. Go to this link for contact information on RSTP trainers located in your area. You can also contact the BVOR worker via

Find more information and tips on completing application forms here.

Can I contact the refugee(s) after the BVOR application is approved?

Yes, sponsors can use the template here to create a welcome message and send it to the refugee(s) using the contact details that were shared by IRCC.