BVOR Training & Events

Welcome to your sponsorship journey! REQUEST A TRAINING SESSION

If you are new to refugee sponsorship, we highly encourage you to follow the recommended training steps below to participate in the BVOR Sponsorship Program.

This type of community sponsorship is for folks who want to provide support to refugees globally, but do not currently know anyone to sponsor. This unique program matches potential sponsors with refugees who have already been accepted for resettlement to Canada. *

Please note, refugees cannot be referred to the BVOR program. The selection is done by the UN Refugee Agency and the Federal Government of Canada (IRCC).


1. Getting Started!

Watch our orientation video – learn how community refugee sponsorship works in Canada.


Join an upcoming live Q & A orientation session. Don’t see one ? Request an orientation.

Request an Orientation

Upcoming Sessions: None scheduled at this time. Check back later.




2. Workshops & Webinars!

Join our Monthly PSR webinars, or watch the recorded versions on demand.

The monthly PSR webinars may go over more information than BVOR refugee sponsors may need, we’ve highlighted below the parts that are relevant to BVOR sponsors.

Session 1 – Eligibility of sponsors (Upcoming Live Training) (Pre-recorded webinar)

Learn about calculating the cost of sponsorship (baring in mind that BVOR sponsors also receive RAP funding for 6 months)


Session 2 – Settlement Planning (Upcoming Live Training) (Pre-recorded webinar)

Pay close attention to how to draft a settlement plan, the budget calculations can be ignored by BVOR sponsors.


Session 3 – Financial info for G5’s and CS (Upcoming Live Training) (Pre-recorded webinar)

This session is only for G5’s and CS’s (not relevant for SAH’s and CG’s) – not sure what type of group you belong to? Contact our BVOR worker at In this session you’ll learn how to fill out sponsor forms and how to provide proof of funds.

You’ll also learn about providing supporting documents needed for sponsors and how to email  your application to ROC-O.


Session 4 – Preparing for Arrival  (Upcoming Live Training) (Pre-recorded webinar)

The first half of this webinar covers very useful information about refreshing a settlement plan, once you receive notice that the refugee(s) you’re sponsoring will arrive soon.


Session 5 – Assurance Activities (Upcoming Live Training) (Pre-recorded webinar)

This whole webinar is useful for BVOR sponsors.


Session 6 – Completing a Successful Sponsorship Year (Upcoming Live Training) (Pre-recorded webinar)

Watch the entire webinar for a successful completion of your BVOR sponsorship.

3. Other Useful Resources & Learning

  • Handout about the BVOR Program Link Here
  • Reasons for Resettlement Page Link Here
  • Frequently Asked Financial Questions Link Here
  • IRCC BVOR Recruitment Toolkit (designed for sponsors looking to recruit group members) Link Coming Soon


4. Ready to Match? Learn about the BVOR Matching Database.

  • Visit the Public BVOR page where the redacted profiles currently available for matching are displayed.
  • Click the “Register” button. Please note, there is a screening process and both qualified and unqualified sponsors will receive a confirmation email once a decision is made.
  • To learn how to place a hold and to confirm a match, watch our Matching Database Orientation Video (coming soon), or read our written instructions in the meantime. If you’re more of a tactile learner, request a Matching Database live orientation session at