(IRCC message) Afghanistan Border Crossing

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Please see below a message from the IRCC addressed to Afghan nationals in Afghanistan who may be trying to cross the border into another country. To sponsors, kindly share with applicants in your networks, as you see necessary.

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The RSTP Team




Subject: Afghanistan Border Crossing


To Whom It May Concern,


Please see below the message that has been sent recently through various social media outlets to IRCC clients residing in Afghanistan. IRCC has been made aware that some clients have travelled without proper documentation, or with fraudulent documentation, which resulted in them being deported back to Afghanistan and exposed to criminal charges from the host country.


We would like to remind IRCC clients of the importance of travelling with proper documentation including a passport and obtaining a visa prior to crossing the border to a third country. As an organization involved in supporting the resettlement of Afghan nationals to Canada, IRCC is asking for your cooperation in disseminating this message through your networks.


Thank you very much for your assistance.


If you are in Afghanistan and plan to leave the country

The Government of Canada remains firm in its commitment to welcome Afghan refugees to Canada.

If you plan to leave Afghanistan, please check and follow the travel requirements of the country you plan to enter or transit. Along with your passport, you may need to obtain any visa required to legally enter another country.

It is important to follow the immigration laws of countries you plan to enter before you leave Afghanistan. If you do not follow immigration laws when you leave Afghanistan and seeking entry to another country, you may be detained or deported back to Afghanistan. This can make it more difficult to get assistance in your efforts to travel to Canada or any other country in which you plan to resettle.