Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

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RAP (Resettlement Assistance Program) Rates

The Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) is a contribution program through which the Government of Canada provides assistance for resettled refugees to establish themselves in their new home. The program has two main components: income support and a range of immediate essential services. The income support also has two components: start up allowances and monthly income support.

Start Up Allowances

The Start-up allowances include a one-time payment intended to cover the initial cost of settling in Canada (Please consult the start-up sheet for specific breakdown and rates).

These allowances include:

  • Staple allowance
  • Basic household needs allowance
  • Furniture allowance
  • Regular and seasonal clothing allowance
  • Winter clothing allowance
  • Utility installation allowance
  • Linens allowance
  • School start-up allowance (if applicable).

Note: For BVOR and PSR clients, start-up costs are covered by the sponsoring group.

 Monthly income support:

Monthly income support is intended to cover basic needs such as food, incidentals, shelter, transportation and a communication allowance. Other special allowances may be added based on need. To determine the actual amount of financial assistance that may be required in a particular city or province, sponsors should consider the prevailing Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) rates in the expected community of settlement.  Please consult the RAP rate sheets for the specific rates in your province

BVOR refugees [NEW: updates to BVOR RAP rates effective September 1st, 2018]:

Refugees sponsored through the Blended VOR Program are eligible for the following income support benefits:

  • Food and incidentals (basic needs),
  • Basic shelter,
  • Housing supplement (new)
  • Communication allowance (new)
  • Transportation,
  • Age of majority top-up allowance (if applicable) (new),
  • Special Dietary allowance (if applicable) (new), and
  • Maternity food allowance (if applicable).

The remaining costs, including start-up and additional special expenses as required, are covered by the sponsoring group.