Sponsorship Cost Table

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has developed a Sponsorship Cost Table to provide sponsoring groups with an estimate of the financial resources required to support a refugee family for twelve months. Recognizing varying levels of cost of living in different regions across Canada, this table serves as a financial guideline and is roughly based on the rates of social assistance.

Sponsorship Cost Table

The following Sponsorship Cost Tables are taken from IRCC’s Financial Guideline as provided in the Refugee Sponsorship Application Kit. The cost table was updated on May 1st, 2018.

Family Size 12 Months of Income Support Start-up Costs Estimated Total Annual Settlement Cost ($)
1 13,200 3,300 16,500
2 19,700 5,100 24,800
3 20,400 6,300 26,700
4 21,200 7,500 28,700
5 23,700 8,600 32,300
6 25,700 9,800 35,500
For each additional member add 1,600 1,100 2,700

Start-up Costs

Start-up costs include a one-time payment for:

  • household items
  • furniture
  • linens
  • food staples
  • (winter) clothing
  • deposit for utilities
  • phone installation
  • first month’s rent

Income Support

Please note that these figures are estimates and represent a guideline for the minimum amount of funds required. The costs of housing, food, and transportation can vary according to the age of dependants and locality.

In-kind Deduction Table

In-kind donations may also reduce the financial resources required. The following table below was provided by IRCC as an estimate of the value of a variety of in-kind donations according to family size. These approximate figures are based on annual costs, and may change over time.

Family Size Shelter Clothing Furniture Household Needs Linens School Start-up Costs Food Staples
1 7008 385 1085 300 80 105
2 9984 770 1708 325 160 150
3 10,632 1033 2016 350 240 195
4 11,328 1295 2310 375 320 240
5 12,024 1558 2604 400 400 285
6 12,372 1820 2898 425 480 330
For additional member add 12,372 (for family of 7+) 263 294 25 80 $75 per child between ages 4-21 45

The financial resources that a refugee family brings with them to Canada can reduce the amount of financial support that a sponsoring group must provide. However, please note that a contingency plan is still needed.

Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) Rates

Familiarizing yourself with the RAP rates in your area may also help your group in your planning of monthly allowances and budgets. These figures are also used by IRCC in establishing the allowances for government-assisted refugees. Visit the following websites for the RAP rates in your province or territory.



British Columbia:




New Brunswick:


Newfoundland and Labrador:


Northwest Territories:


Nova Scotia:



www.canlii.org/en/nu/laws/regu/rrnwt-nu-1990-c-s-16/latest (Schedules A & B)



Prince Edward Island:







www.gov.yk.ca/legislation/regs/oic2008_068.pdf (Schedule 1)