Locating Community Services

When a newcomer refugee arrives in Canada there are many tasks which need to be accomplished within the first days, weeks and months. Sponsors should make use of the many experienced and professional settlement agencies to help newcomer refugees navigate the Canadian system. The following list of links will help sponsors find the nearest settlement agencies and services in their provinces (excluding Quebec).


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Welcome to Canada: What you should know
This user-friendly website is a good source of information for newcomers to Canada. Also available as a PDF, it covers a variety of settlement topics and helps newcomers find assistance in their new community.

Finding newcomers’ services in your area
This website helps users find services by location, and has contact information for all service-providing agencies by area. Useful in settlement planning.


British Columbia

BC Newcomer’s Guide – Available in many languages, this guide helps newcomers settle in B.C. from with their first few days after arrival. Includes details on housing, health care, employment and business as well as settlement agencies and services.


Welcome to Alberta: Information for Newcomers – This guide covers a wide range of topics, including housing, employment, education, health care, climate, banking, shopping, transportation, child care, the legal system and social customs. As well, a list of key contacts.


First things to do in Saskatchewan – This government website covers the first steps a newcomer should take upon arriving in the province. Refers users to links on housing and schools, as well as to the closest Regional Newcomer Gateway, a welcome centre.


The Manitoba government website Settle in Manitoba lists settlement agencies focused on employment, health, women, youth, neighbourhood programs, regional services and language training.


Settlement.org – This Ontario Government-funded website helps newcomers find answers to common questions about moving to Ontario and settling into a new home. The Services Near Me option directs users to community services in a specific area or city in Ontario.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Office of Immigration – This government website lists Nova Scotia’s settlement services along with useful information on topics such as banking, language training and education.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Welcome to Newfoundland and Labrador Immigration  – This government website is a guide to federal, provincial and municipal programs and services,  as well as those provided by a broad range of community organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Prince Edward Island

Welcome to PEI: New Residents – This government website orients newcomers to driving, education, child care, health care, housing and working in PEI.

New Brunswick

Immigration and Settlement in New Brunswick – this government website has information for newcomers on education, child care, work, taxes, benefits, and other aspects of daily life in the province. It also has a page called How can you help refugees?