Country Condition Information

country-conditions-lighter-blueWelcome to the Country Condition Information resource page!

The sources and summaries compiled here provide information about the conditions in a refugee’s country of origin to help refugee sponsors in the assessment of potential cases for sponsorship. Conducting country condition research allows private refugee sponsoring groups to strengthen their understanding of eligibility issues and improve their planning and preparation work. The information is intended to serve as a starting point of such research and is by no means extensive, however care has been taken to draw on legitimate sources and highlight persecution trends. The following countries profiled have been selected based on sponsorship and landing trends of privately sponsored refugees over the last five years.

Disclaimer: Please note that this compilation and resource is not intended to provide legal advice. For legal advice, definitions and requirements, please consult a legal professional and review government laws, policies and guidelines (e.g.: The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations).

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