Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

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Special Program for Sponsoring Afghan Refugees

Special Program for Groups of Five and Community Sponsors to Sponsor Afghan Refugees without Proof of Refugee Status (RSD document)

IRCC has announced a temporary public policy that enables Groups of Five and Community Sponsors to sponsor Afghan refugees who do not have a refugee status document issued by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), or a foreign state, which formally recognizes the applicant as a refugee.

IRCC will accept applications under this public policy from October 17, 2022, until October 17, 2023, or for up to 3,000 Afghan refugees (whichever comes first).

Please do not submit applications for Afghan refugees without copies of refugee status documents before October 17, 2022, as they will not be processed under this public policy.

The sponsor who signs the refugee sponsorship application submitted under this public policy must attend a mandatory RSTP training and include a copy of their attendance certificate with the application package for the application to be considered complete.

There are currently no mandatory training sessions scheduled until we receive further notice from IRCC.

For more details on this public policy, please visit: