Refugee sponsoring groups are responsible for meeting the basic needs of sponsored refugees. While this includes assisting with identifying local physicians and walk-in clinics, the cost of health care services and assistive devices are not included in the income support provided by sponsors to the sponsored person(s).

Privately sponsored refugees are eligible for provincial health care coverage immediately upon registration after their arrival in Canada. Under the category of ‘Protected Persons and Convention Refugees’, they are exempt from the waiting period for coverage, if there is any. Coverage of eligible health care services may differ from province to province. Please consult your province’s health care department for details.


Privately sponsored refugees are eligible for some Interim Federal Health (IFH) Program coverage for the duration of the sponsorship or until provincial health care comes into effect, depending on whether income support is provided through the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) or not. For more information on what is covered under IFH and for whom, please consult the IFHP National Info Sheet.

To access alternative and other health services and benefits you may find useful, please select your province from below.