Post-arrival Duties

The sponsoring group has a set of responsibilities related to meeting the basic settlement needs of sponsored refugees upon their arrival in Canada. These duties are:


Provide suitable accommodation, basic furniture, and other household essentials.


Provide food, clothing, local transportation costs and other basic necessities of life.

Settlement Assistance and Support

  • Help register with a settlement agency
  • Assist with required forms such as health insurance, social insurance, Canada child benefits registration, etc.;
  • Help open a bank account;
  • Facilitate access to English or French language classes;
  • Help understand the rights and responsibilities of permanent residents;
  • Facilitate access to employment;
  • Facilitate access to community support groups, settlement services, and other resources in the community;
  • Help register children in school and orient to the school system;
  • Help with finding a family physician and dentist; and support empowerment and independence.


Monitoring and ensuring that settlement needs are met are key responsibilities of sponsoring groups who work with co-sponsors and constituent groups or other subsidiary bodies.

Any sponsoring group must either fully implement the settlement plan itself or ensure that those who are sponsoring under its auspices properly implement the settlement plan.