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Centralization of Processing of Refugee Sponsorship Applications

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announces that all refugee sponsorship applications are to be processed by a centralized processing office in Winnipeg as of April 2…

The Centralized Processing Office – Winnipeg (CPO-W) will begin operations on Monday April 2nd, 2012 and will take on many functions that are currently carried out by local CIC offices. As of Monday (April 2, 2012) , local CICs will no longer be accepting new sponsorship applications and all new applications must be submitted to CPO-W. Following are roles and responsibilities of CPO-W, local CICs and the Matching Centre (MC) C starting on April 2nd

CPO-W is now responsible for:

  • Receiving and assessing all new (as of April 2, 2012) PSR sponsorship applications (from Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH), Groups of 5, Community Sponsors);
  • Monitoring the limits of SAHs under the global cap;
  • Creating files for cases submitted with an accompanying Application for Permanent Residence (Option 3);
  • Responding to enquiries on case-specific follow-up requests for any files approved in Canada;
  • Processing Visa-Office Referred (VOR) and Joint Assistance Sponsorship (JAS) applications;
  • Assessing and processing sponsorship withdrawals;
  • Processing One-Year Window (OYW)/Non-Accompanying Family Member applications;
  • Processing Add Dependants forms.

Local CICs are responsible for:

  • Processing all applications (PSR as well as OYW/Non-Accompanying Family Member and Add Dependants) received prior to April 1, 2012;
  • Monitoring sponsors and sponsored refugees;
  • Providing assistance in finding a sponsor for JAS cases;
  • Mediating between the sponsor and client in cases of sponsorship breakdown/default;
  • Issuing Interim Federal Health documents;
  • Issuing in-Canada loans;
  • Managing post-arrival issues within their area of responsibility.

Matching Centre is responsible for:

  • Issuing the Notification of Arrival Transmission (NAT);
  • Maintaining the JAS/VOR websites and coordinating matches with sponsors, local CICs and CPO-W.

We will be delaying implementation of a process by which the Matching Centre (MC) would issue NATs directly to sponsors. While we refine this process to align with our work on implementing the Global Case Management System, the MC will continue to issue NATs to the local CICs which, in turn, will interact with sponsors.

Please ensure that any new sponsorship applications are sent to the CPO-W office at the following address, starting April 1st, 2012.

Centralized Processing Office – Winnipeg (CPO-W)
269 Main Street, Suite 400
Winnipeg, MB
R3C 1B2
E-mail address:

Sponsors are asked to not contact CPO-W for updates on sponsorship applications already submitted to a local CIC. They should only make inquiries to CPO-W after they have received confirmation that the sponsorship has been approved and submitted to one of our Visa Offices.

The CPO-W will also be instituting the following new operational practice: Sponsorship applications submitted using Option 3 will receive priority processing. This will support our efforts towards more efficient processing overseas by eliminating delays associated with information gathering.

Should persons in the SAH community have any questions pertaining to functioning of the CPO-W or the roles and responsibilities of local CICs, they should forward these to