Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

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8. Sponsorship Process

What happens once the application package has been submitted?

When you application is received at the Resettlement Operations Centre in Ottawa (ROC-O), it will be date stamped. Packages will be opened in order of receipt, unless they are eligible for expedited processing (would be marked on the envelope). An Assistant then reviews the application package to verify that all the required forms and supporting documents have been included. If everything is in order, a file number (beginning with the letter ‘G’) will be issued and an Acknowledgement of Receipt notification will be issued to the sponsoring group. This is an email and does not require any action on your part. You will require the G number to check on the status of the application and to communicate with IRCC regarding this case.

If your application requires more information or correction, you will receive a letter from the ROC-O advising you of the action required and a time frame (usually within 30 business days), within which you must provide the required information and/or make the corrections and return the application to the ROC-O. If major documents are missing, ROC-O may return the entire application to the sponsoring group, without issuing a G number. Any corrected versions of the file will have to be mailed back and will be treated as a new application (receive a new date stamp).

Once the sponsorship application has been approved by an Officer at the ROC-O, you will receive an approval letter from the ROC-O. This letter will also include an IRCC file number. After the sponsorship application has been assessed and approved at the ROC-O, the file will be transferred to the visa office overseas for further processing. A decision about the refugees’ application for permanent residence is made at this stage. The refugee applicant(s) will be invited for an eligibility interview and, if everything goes well, be provided with information about completing medical exams and other travel arrangements, including travel loans, exit visas and other preparations as needed.

In the meantime, you will receive a letter and/or email notification that the principal refugee applicant’s application has either been approved or refused by the visa office. Once approved, you can expect a Notice of Arrival Transmission (NAT) advising of the arrival date of the refugee(s) after the medical exam and security and criminality checks have been completed.

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