Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

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7. Settlement Plan

The following instructions will help you complete the Undertaking and Settlement Plan – Groups of Five (IMM 5670).

You must follow the detailed instructions in the Guide for Groups of Five to privately sponsor refugees (IMM 2200).

IRCC can return or refuse your application if important details are missing from your Settlement Plan.

A completed Settlement Plan is proof that your group has carefully thought about the support the newcomers will need to settle successfully in their new country.

The Settlement Plan tells IRCC who will do each task to help the sponsored individual(s) settle in Canada. You need to be clear and precise in your answers.

Section A – Sponsor information

In the first section, enter the names and details of each sponsor who will be a signatory to the Group of Five. (A signatory is each person who signs the sponsorship agreement). Be sure that each sponsor has their own active email address. IRCC will contact each sponsor in the group through the email address you provide.

Section B – Refugee applicant(s)

In the second section, enter the name and details of the Principal Applicant (the refugee to be sponsored) and their dependent family members (spouse and unmarried, dependent children under 22 years old.)

If you want to add or remove spaces for family members, you can change the number of spaces by first clicking ‘Yes’ under the question: Do you have additional family members to add?

Then you can add spaces for more family members by clicking on ‘Add additional family member’.

Section C – Linked/multiple sponsorship applications

You may be doing a sponsorship application package for other refugees, and would like IRCC to review both applications at the same time. If so, you can enter the names of other Principal Applicants in Section C.

For example, you are completing two separate Undertaking and Settlement Plans. One is for Principal Applicant Aylin and the other for Principal Applicant Berhane. If you would like IRCC to consider Aylin’s and Berhane’s plans at the same time, you would put Aylin’s name in Section C of Berhane’s Settlement Plan. Then you would also put Berhane’s name in Section C of Aylin’s Settlement Plan.

Section D – Settlement Plan details

This section of the form is where you enter all the information related to your Settlement Plan.

There are very specific instructions for this section in the Guide. You must read these instructions carefully. Make sure to answer the questions in a precise way. Include all the details that IRCC asks for in the Guide.

Each Settlement Plan must be UNIQUE. It must address the needs of the specific Principal Applicant and the dependants they have listed.

If you use the same wording from another Settlement Plan, IRCC may refuse your application.

You should include details such as who (name group member) will provide what type of support and when (state availability of person).

Section E – Settlement Checklist

Your group will use the Settlement Checklist to assign specific tasks to specific group members.

Each task must be assigned to at least one sponsor. You must offer this support as long as it is needed by the refugee you sponsor.

Try to have more than one sponsor assigned to each task. This will ensure the task is completed even if your group runs into difficulties.

Section F – Financial Assessment

The Financial Assessment section has six subsections. The Guide has precise instructions on how to complete this section. It also explains which supporting documents you need to submit. These will depend on your group’s financial plan.

For quick reference, look at the Sponsorship Cost Table and In-kind Deduction Table. The In-kind Deduction Table will help you fill in the maximum possible amounts for the Donations section of the Financial Assessment.

When filling in the One-time Start-up Costs section, please consult the Start-up Costs Table for amounts to use.

Section G – Obligations, consents and declarations

Each signing sponsor must read this section carefully and thoroughly. It helps each sponsor understand what their legal obligations will be when they sign the form.

Section H – Signatures

The form needs to be signed by all the sponsors included in Section A.

Please note: the form has a ‘stale date’ of 90 days. This means that IRCC must receive the application package including the Undertaking and Settlement Plan form BEFORE the signatures are 90 days old.


As a group discuss the settlement tasks that you are responsible for. Consider each member’s strengths. Research which settlement service provider organization (SPO) can help you address the settlement needs you can’t fulfill on your own.

Find SPOs in your area.

Updated March 21, 2021