Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

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6. Application Forms

What forms are needed? How do we complete them?

The refugee applicant must include his or her spouse/common-law partner and their children under the age of 22 on the application forms. Any children 22 and older require their own application. Other relatives, such as siblings, parents or in-laws of the refugee applicant cannot be included in the same application package, unless they qualify as de facto dependants.

The forms that must be submitted for a refugee sponsorship are contained in the ‘Refugee Sponsorship Application’ package. This application package includes all the forms that the group as well as the refugee applicant have to complete, instructions on how to fill these out and a information about the kinds of supporting documents that are expected.

All forms included in this application package are mandatory, including the document checklist and the consent to disclose and collect personal information forms.

As a Group of Five, you must make sure that you submit a Financial Profile form for each group member who is contributing financially.

You must also submit the Settlement Plan form that has been designed for Groups of Five only. A common weakness of submitted Group of Five application packages is that Settlement Plans do not contain sufficient detailed information about the financial breakdown and the division and planning of the settlement tasks. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of the financial and settlement responsibilities that you have as members of the group. If you require any clarification with regards to the calculation of the financial and in-kind support or other aspects of this form, contact the RSTP.

Other common mistakes and reasons for the return or rejection of applications submitted by Groups of Five include:

  • Group member(s) did not indicate whether he/she was involved in previous sponsorships, or member indicated ‘no’ but IRCC database indicated there was previous involvement (make sure to indicate ‘yes’ and attach details if you were ever involved in sponsorships!)
  • Proof of income that is older than 12 months (from date of submission)
  • Spelling of names of applicant and/or dependants does not match across forms
  • Original signatures and/or dated signature missing
  • Vague information provided in the Settlement Plan
  • Income support break-down in Settlement Plan does not match amounts indicated on individual’s Financial Profiles
  • Document checklist missing
  • Proof of recognized refugee status by the state or UNHCR missing (needed for all refugee applicants)
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Application for Refugee Sponsorship
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