Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

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5. Your Responsibilities

As a member of a refugee sponsor group, what am I responsible for?

The sponsoring group is responsible to support the sponsored refugees financially and with settlement assistance, counselling and support for the duration of the sponsorship period, usually for one year from the date of the arrival of the refugee, but can be up to three years in exceptional circumstances.

Specifically, members of the sponsoring group must provide:

Receive the refugees at the airport, provide an orientation to life in Canada

Provide suitable accommodation, basic furniture, and other household essentials

Provide food, clothing, local transportation costs and other basic necessities of life.

Sponsors provide ongoing friendship and emotional support.

Settlement Assistance and Support, including:

  • Providing orientation to the new community of residence
  • Completing forms for IFH, provincial health insurance, social insurance number, child tax benefits, driver’s license, etc.
  • Finding an ESL/FSL language class, tutoring, etc.
  • Understanding the rights and responsibilities of permanent residents
  • Learning about the Canadian job market, preparing a Canadian resume, employment search, job interviews, job search programs, etc.
  • Making friends
  • Learning about and accessing various types of services available in the community
  • Assisting with the registration of children in schools
  • Orienting to the Canadian school system
  • Locating a family physician, dentist, other health services
  • Becoming self-sufficient

Your ability to support the sponsored refugee(s) will be assessed based on the settlement plan. The Settlement Plan is a planning tool for sponsoring groups to formulate how they intend to deliver the various aspects of settlement assistance needed to help the refugee applicant(s) establish successfully in Canada. Where practicable, the planned arrangements should be in place before the refugee arrives. All members must agree to this plan.

Need help finding a settlement worker post-arrival? Contact out Settlement Support Connection Team! Find more information on this page.

Quick fact:
At least three group members should be contributing financially to the sponsorship.