Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

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2. Forming a Group

There is no prescribed method for forming a Group of Five.

Most of the time, Groups of Five consist of individuals who are friends, family members and/or individuals with a common interest. They come together on a one-time basis to sponsor a refugee or refugee family.

It is up to you to find individuals within your community, family, friends and colleagues that would be willing to assist you and the refugee applicant throughout the sponsorship. IRCC and the RSTP do not assist in this process.

If you cannot find the necessary number of people who are willing to commit time, energy and financial resources, you may need to consider other ways of sponsoring the refugee (e.g. Community Sponsor or Sponsorship Agreement Holder) or assisting the refugee abroad.

What if I can only find three other people? Is it possible to submit a sponsorship with less than five people?

A Group of Five sponsorship must include at least five individuals. That means that you can include more members in your group if possible, however five must sign the application forms including the Undertaking. Group of Five sponsorship applications with less than five individuals will be rejected.

Remember that it is only necessary for three people (out of the five) to contribute financial resources as income support during the sponsorship. Therefore, the two other individuals would be involved in the provision of moral and logistical support with settlement tasks.

Quick fact:
Married or common-law couples can be considered as two group members, but must each submit a financial assessment and profile.