All about Transportation Loans

Through the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program, the Blended Visa Office Referred (BVOR) program, the Joint Assistance Sponsorship (JAS) program, and the Government Assisted Refugee (GAR) program, refugees who are sponsored and resettled to Canada may receive a Transportation Loan. This loan is designed to assist them in covering the expenses associated with their travel to Canada. Issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Transportation Loan is available through their Immigration Loans Program (ILP).


We have attached a file which shares details of the following:

  • How is the Transportation Loan issued to the sponsored refugee?
  • What does the Transportation Loan cover?
  • Are Immigration Medical Examinations (IMEs) still covered by the Immigration Loans Program (ILP)?
  • Is interest charged on the Transportation Loan?
  • When are sponsored refugees expected to repay the Transportation Loan?
  • What is the repayment schedule for the Transportation Loan?
  • Can sponsored refugees to defer repayment of the Transportation Loan?
  • Are sponsors expected or required to assist the sponsored refugees with repaying their Transportation Loan?

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