At the time of arrival, the amounts calculated for this individual should be provided directly to this dependant in their own bank account. Sponsored person(s) who are over the age of majority in their community of settlement at time of arrival as well as those who become so at any point during the sponsorship period must be provided with start-up and monthly basic needs, communications and transportation allowances (and shelter, if required) according to the RAP rates for single persons (that is, they cannot be considered as dependants to the family when calculating financial support requirements).
Community of Settlement:
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Greater Toronto Area (GTA) includes 6 regions
Date of expected/actual arrival:
Families with children attending school who arrive between September 1st and May 31st are expected to receive school start-up allowance twice.
Composition of Adults:
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Maternity: (Indicate if this dependant is pregnant)
Please indicate if this dependant has any special dietary needs.
Refugees can request a special dietary allowance of $75/month (per family) if they provide a doctor (or nurse practitioner’s) note indicating that they have a medical condition requiring a specialized diet.
Total Monthly Income ($CAD):
This includes the total net income of the dependant over the age of majority only. It does not include Canada Child Benefit payments nor incomes of family members enrolled in full-time studies.
Please make sure that you clear previous entries before calculating.