Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

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The RSTP provides training and information to sponsoring groups in different regions of Canada and is committed to building the capacity of the diverse sponsoring community.

To enable long-distance learning opportunities for those who are involved in refugee sponsorship, we offer online-based training courses on the topics of resettlement and private sponsorship of refugees to members of the sponsorship communityacross Canada. These courses are designed to provide basic and advanced level information that enhances the work of sponsoring groups.

At the moment we offer an introductory course and an advanced level course. The introductory e-training course is a 10-week program that is offered two to three times a year. The advanced level course can be commenced at any time of the year as it follows a self-study structure and can be completed within 5 weeks up to months depending on the participant’s availability and pace of learning.

For more information including the starting time of the next e-training session and registration details please select from the courses on the side.