Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

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Preparing for an interview

Once the paper application for refugee sponsorship has been approved, the refugee applicant is invited to an interview by a visa officer abroad via mail, email or by phone. All dependants of the applicant are expected to attend this interview.

The interview with a Canadian visa officer abroad is an important step in the determination of the refugee sponsorship application. The purpose of the interview is to establish whether the applicant is eligible and admissible for resettlement to Canada under the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program and whether resettlement to Canada is the preferred solution to the applicant’s situation.

Since the decision of the visa officer depends significantly on the outcome of the interview, the following information offers some recommendations on how to prepare for an interview and what to do during and after the interview.

Sponsors can play a significant role in preparing the refugee applicants for the interview.

Please note that this article does not represent legal advice; however, it may serve as a guideline to help you better prepare for your interview with the Canadian visa officer abroad.

Before the Interview
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During the Interview
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After the Interview
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