Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

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Requirements for co-sponsors and CGs on SAH applications

Please be advised that as of June 1st, 2017,  a sponsor assessment form (IMM 5492) will be required for any CG representative and/or co-sponsor recorded on the SAH’s sponsorship undertaking. While this requirement is not new and is in fact stated in the Refugee Sponsorship Application Guide (IMM 5413), it was not previously enforced in all cases. This requirement will now be systematically enforced to ensure PSR program integrity, as all parties who sign the sponsorship undertaking are jointly liable and as such, IRCC must ensure they are not ineligible to be party to a sponsorship. Because SAHs are expected to exercise due diligence in screening volunteers and staff involved with the settlement of refugees, certified criminal record checks will not be required upfront; however, ROC-O reserves the right to request such checks should officers have any concerns regarding potential ineligibility under subsection 156(1) of the Immigration and Refugees Protection Regulations (IRPR).