Refugee Sponsorship Training Program

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Updated Administrative Procedures for Refugee Sponsorship Applications by SAHs

The temporary facilitative measures previously put in place for Syrian and Iraqi applications have now been expanded as best practices. Effective immediately, the following measures will apply to all populations sponsored by SAHs:

  • CPO-W will accept emailed applications from SAHs for all populations
  • CPO-W will accept scanned refugee signatures on the IMM6000 (IMM0008, Schedules 2 and A) from SAHs for all populations, and will accept digital photos; client photographs will be collected overseas for PR card purposes.

No other temporary measures are in effect, and these changes apply to SAHs only. Groups of Five and Community Sponsors must submit applications for all refugee populations by mail with original signatures on the sponsorship undertaking and IMM6000.

Incomplete applications for all refugee populations may be returned to sponsors (SAH, G5, CS) if the information provided is inadequate/missing.

Instructions for e-mailed applications:

To facilitate the receipt and identification of applications emailed to CPO-W, SAHs are requested to separate the application into three separate email attachments:

  1. Sponsor documents. Name this file: “PA LAST NAME, First Name– Sponsor documents”
  2. IMM6000 package. Name this file: “PA LAST NAME, First Name– IMM6000”
  3. Supporting documentation. Name this file: “PA LAST NAME, First Name– Supporting documentation”

Please note that CPO-W is unable to open ZIP files and they will therefore be returned as incomplete. For ease of processing and transferring electronic files to overseas missions, CPO-W requests that files be sent in 5MB or less segments if possible. Information may be provided in multiple emails if required.

If sending an application in by email, please DO NOT also submit a paper copy of the application by mail. This causes confusion and takes staff away from processing.